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Landon Curt Noll's Astronomical Vita

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To make contributions to the the Science of Astronomy. To make technical and/or observational contributions to astronomical research programs. To increase my understanding and to promote research in astronomical subfields such as:
  • Galactic evolution
  • Stellar evolution
  • Planetary system evolution
  • Astrometry (distance measurement & standard candle calibration)
  • General cosmology

My plan for the next X<10 years

  • Search for Vulcanoids (asteroids that are completely inside Mercury's orbit) during a Total Solar Eclipse
  • Study the polar spot phenomenon seen during Transits of Venus
  • Track the phase of the Crab Nebula Pulsar - look for discontinuities
  • Provide technical and/or observational contributions to various astronomical research programs
  • Obtain an advanced degree in Astronomy

Notable Observations and Accomplishments

See my Astronomny page for a detailed list.


I give / have given a number of lectures on behalf of the Fremont Peak Observatory Association on various topics related to Astronomy. The following is a partial list of topics:
  • Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Collision with Jupiter
  • H-R Diagrams
  • Methods of determining distances in the Universe
  • The Big Bang and the next 13.7 billion years
  • How to tell time by the stars
  • The Saturn system
  • Supernova 1987A


  • Linfield College, McMinnville, OR., 1979-1982, admitted with Honors and
    graduated (Cum Laude) with a B.A. degree in Math & Physics (with emphasis
    on Computer Science). Obtained this degree in 3 years

  • Cal State University at Hayward, Hayward, CA., 1977-79
    (dual matriculation; attended while in high school)


Memberships - Astronomy Related

My journal and magazine subscrptions related to Astronomy

Non-Astronomy Related Scientific Contributions

I have also made a number of contributions in the fields of:
  • Mathematics
  • Cryptology
  • Computer Science
For a list of Papers & Publications as well as my lists of Honors / Awards, please see my bio.

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