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These images were taken on 2001-Jan-20:

My old 1990 Honda Accord EX. After +135k miles, the only thing that went `wrong' was a break light bulb burned out and the driver's door lock needed to be replaced.

This car is now a mobile Meade telescope container. I use this car to go observing. This telescope container is a great deal more handy than a bunch of boxes and cases. :-)

At the Larry Hopkins Honda dealership. I was picking up the car on 2001-Jan-20, while a pair of Texas Oil folks were doing something in Washington D.C. It is kind of ironic that I spent my time picking up a 70+ MPG car while the Oil industry celebrating the selection of their guys. :-) :-(

The front half of the Hybrid power system.

My friend, Simon Cooper, helping me at the dealership. Thanks for the lift, Simon!

The Insight, back home and in front of my telescope container car.

Landon Curt Noll
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