Proposed Installation of a GPS Antenna

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These images were taken on 2001-05-05:

I am proposing to install the GPS antenna on the roof near my access door. Because the GPS antenna needs to have a full horizon to horizon view, it needs to peek up just above the roof line.

The GPS antenna will be mounted on a block of wood, which in turn will attached to the side of the parapet wall.

While the GPS antenna is designed to last many years, they do fail from time to time. To permit the GPS antenna to be replaced without having to re-string the entire coax cable, there needs to be a cable coupling near the GPS antenna. To prevent water from damaging the connector, the cable coupling will be housed inside a metal box.

I am proposing the attach the metal box (housing the cable coupling) on the parapet wall. The coax cable will enter and leave the metal box from the bottom. The metal box will be lower in height than the vent so that any water on the cable/antenna will run down below the metal box and drip off instead of going inside the vent.

I am proposing the attach the coax cable to the side of the parapet wall as shown here.

I am proposing to pass the coax cable will pass up through the vent as shown here. The eliminates the need to poke a whole through the parapet wall.

The coax cable will come up through the vent from the bottom to prevent rain runoff from entering the building.

FYI: This is what the vent looks like from the inside.

When in position, it will be difficult to see the GPS antenna from the ground.

I ask for your consideration in approving the installation. I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Landon Curt Noll
chongo <was here> /\oo/\

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