newslog - maintenance of Usenet log files

          scanlogs [ norotate ] [ nonn ]

          writelog name text...





          Scanlogs summarizes the information recorded in the INN log
          files (see newslog(5)).  By default, it also rotates and
          cleans out the logs.  It is normally invoked by the
          news.daily(8) script.

          The following keywords are accepted:

               Using this keyword disables the rotating and cleaning
               aspect of the log processing: the logs files are only
               scanned for information and no contents are altered.

          nonn Normally the nn log file is scanned and rotated.  Using
               this keyword disables this function.

          If scanlogs is invoked more than once a day, the
          ``norotate'' keyword should be used to prevent premature log

          The writelog script is used to write a log entry or send it
          as mail.  The name parameter specifies the name of the log
          file where the entry should be written.  If it is the word
          ``mail'' then the entry is mailed to the news administrator,
          usenet .  The data that is written or sent consists of the
          text given on the command line, followed by standard input
          indented by four spaces.  Shlock(1) is used to avoid
          simultaneous updates to a single log file.

          The innstat script prints a snapshot of the INN system.  It
          displays the operating mode of the server, as well as disk
          usage and the status of all log and lock files.

          The rest of the scripts described here are normally invoked
          by scanlogs.  They parse log files that are described in
          newslog(5), and the server's article log file described in

          Tally.unwanted script parses the article log file to update
          the cumulative list of articles posted to unwanted
          newsgroups, unwanted.log.

          Tally.control reads its standard input, which should be the
          newgroup.log and rmgroup.log log files.  It updates the
          cumulative list of newsgroup creations and deletions,

          Innlog.awk is an awk(1) script that summarizes the activity
          that innd and nnrpd(8) report to syslog.

          Written by Landon Curt Noll <> and Rich $alz
          <> for InterNetNews.  This is revision
          1.2, dated 1992/08/04.

          innd(8) newslog(5), news.daily(8), nnrpd(8).